Hunter's Chosen Child Update


THANK YOU for the generous donations from all B&B Friends who attended Hunter's Rise and Shine Breakfast Event on August 27th!!

All proceeds are benefiting LIVING GRACE HOME in Henderson, NV    Nevada has the number 1 teen pregnancy rate in the country.

Read about LIVING GRACE HOME in the Las Vegas Journal

Just My Opinion

Many people want to assume all young women in a crisis teen pregnancy situation, who are receiving assistance from a maternity home, are being encouraged to "not learn their lesson." The notion that a teen pregnancy home fosters repeated pregnancies, and irresponsibility is an absolute distortion of the truth. In fact, the opposite is overwhelmingly true. Facing the consequences of the unexpected pregnancy is usually a wake-up call to get their life together, in and of itself. What these organizations do for these young women is a huge contribution to society, by providing proper health care for an innocent child, giving the young mothers the tools they need for parenting skills (they probably never had modeled for them in their young lives), and teaching them to understand the value of education/career. These young women generally end up with a greater understanding of their actions/behavior on others - far above their peers who are still thinking life is just a party. Just a FEW of the purposes these homes serve, are to prevent repeated pregnancies, prevent the loss and depression of abortion, give shelter from home abuse, help guide to personal healing from family trauma, break the cycles of family abuse/neglect, assist in healing from substance/alcohol abuse, understand the importance of bonding and nurturing, guidance to getting a vision beyond their locus of control (especially for the concept of being a loving mother and a successful worker) - as well as help guide them towards careers that are best suited with their situation. In not just my opinion - my experience - maternity homes such as LIVING GRACE HOME prevent unproductive individuals that rely on the welfare system.